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Regular checkup

£60 + parts (inc VAT), available from June 2023.

The more regularly your bike is serviced the easier it is for us to get it up and running to its full potential. We've introduced a lower level package intended for regular use.

The regular checkup is ideal if you...

  • Ride your bike gently and infrequently and just want to keep it in safe, running order.
  • Do a lot of miles we'd suggest at least a standard service every 6 months with a regular checkup following after about 3-4 months.
  • Carry out your own cleaning and maintenance but struggle to get it to that Bike Man Dan finish!

We'll fine tune the brake callipers and pads, lube cables, align the derailleurs and index the gears, check your tyre pressure and true your wheels - generally get everything in tip-top shape as we do as part of every service.

bike man dan fixing brake

What's Included:

Regular checkup
Standard service
Gear indexing
Brake adjustment
Brake pad fitting (one pair)
Cable fitting (one cable)
Wheels trued (minor wobbles only)
Chain checked
Chain Fitting
Bolts Torqued
Drivetrain cleaned
Triage Report
Bike cleaned
Wheel hub bearings adjusted
Cassette fitting
Handlebar grips fitting
Tyre/tube fitting

*Prices for labour only including VAT. Parts are not included and will be charged separately.

Things to consider:

  • Our regular checkup is only available to existing customers who have had at least a standard service or regular checkup within the last 6 months. If you are a new customer, or it's been a while please book a standard service first to be eligible.
  • The regular checkup doesn't include our triage report. This means we won't record detailed information about the bike, or seek your approval before fitting the parts listed above . We'll assume that you are aware of any issues (from your previous standard service or above) and are happy for us to do any work on this list as we see fit.
  • We'll inform you of any major safety issues, but these will not be addressed as part of the checkup. So if you've had an accident of any kind, or experience anything more than minor niggles we recommend choosing a standard service or higher.
  • Parts will be added to the bill separately.
  • We can offer the regular checkup as an on-site repair in some areas / circumstances - please call to request this.

If you have any queries just call us for a chat.