Hi, my name is Dan, your local mobile bicycle mechanic, I have been proudly serving cyclists in Birmingham and surrounding areas for over 5 years.

Services & Prices

To keep your bike in tip top condition, it's a good idea to have it serviced regularly - as often as every 4 months depending on how (much) you use it and where you store it. If you've ridden many miles between services be prepared for some parts to need replacing.

A Standard service will get your bike running as safely and smoothly as is possible without “major surgery”. (Please note parts are not included in the price)

Safety Check £15
Gears Serviced £25
Brakes setup £25
Wheel Bearings Adjusted £15
Wheels Trued (tension) £10
Tyres pumped £10
Adjusting Saddle & Handlebars £10
Brake pads fitted £10
All cables replaced £20
Cables supplied FOC n/a
Tyres fitted £10
Chain fitting £5
Cassette Fitting £10
Plus ANY 2 of the following Includes ALL of the following
Drive chain Clean £15
Hubs serviced £25
Headset serviced/replaced £25
Bottom Bracket Serviced/replaced £20
Spoke replaced £20
Fitting of specific parts eg. bar tape £10
Dismantle Bike/deep Clean frame n/a
More Details More Details More Details More Details

Standard Service - £50

Some extra jobs may be necessary at extra cost (in brackets). Price does not include parts.

I check chain/cassette for wear using a Park Tool chain wear indicator and use this guide as a benchmark when advising replacement of chain and/or cassette. Please read my “Guide to regular servicing”

  • Check frame and forks for a potential immediate “write off” situation. i.e. bent or cracked (may require cleaning if you have not done this before I arrive)
  • Check for worn or broken parts – Wheel rims, wheel hubs, freehub, spokes, headset, bottom bracket, brake pads, tyres, pedals. Iwill advise replacement and cost of extra parts/labour where necessary
  • Check for normal alignment, basic operation of brake and gear cables and mechanisms.
  • (Fit)/Pump inner tubes to correct pressure (***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • True minor wobbles in wheels to allow for safe brake operation, clean rims.
  • Adjust if possible any play in hub bearings (replace if necessary)
  • Tighten axle nuts
  • (Lubricate/replace brake calipers if necessary. ***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • Fit/align pads
  • Set brake cable length
  • Balance brakes
  • Adjust lever position
  • (Fit chain and cassette if necessary. ***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • Replace gear cables if necessary (May require re-wrap bar tape)
  • Index Front and rear gears.
  • Adjust calibration screws for safe operation
Crankset/bottom bracket
  • Check crank bolts for correct torque
  • Check pedals for play/smooth spinning
  • Check bottom bracket for play and adjust where possible
  • Check chainrings for wear, shark-toothing / broken teeth
Headset / steering / saddle
  • Check headset for play, or sticking, adjust if possible
  • Check torque of stem and headset bolts
  • Adjust handlebar position/height.
  • Check saddle bolts for correct torque, lubricate and tighten seat-post.

Advanced Service - £85

Recommended for anyone who’s bike is showing obvious running problems / noises, or has not been serviced for 8 months or more.

The advanced service incorporates the standard service.

In addition all cable, brake pad, tyre, chain/cassette fitting and drivetrain clean and re-lube are included by default.

Plus any two single jobs from the following list:

  • Standard hub service (new axle cones and bearings included) sealed bearings extra.
  • Headset service (Bearings cleaned, re-greased, or replacement)
  • Bottom Bracket service (new bearings/grease or replacement)
  • Spoke replace and wheel true.

Price does not include cost of parts.

I recycle/scrap all worn parts by default, please notify me when booking if you would like me to return yours with your bike.

FULL Service - £130

ALL individual jobs are included, as is fitting of any and all extra parts or accessories required/requested, Eg pedals, mudguards, lights etc

The service will take up to 7 days. This is to allow for delivery of parts and potential complications.

Full service includes:

  • Pickup and check over.
  • A full strip down of the entire bike.
  • Frame, forks and all components deep cleaned, re-lubed.
  • All bearings serviced where possible or replaced.
  • All cables replaced where necessary.
  • Inner tube replaced (if punctured)
  • Bike re-built and setup to function as new*
  • Delivery to a location of your choosing.

Price does not include cost of parts except cables and innertubes.

I recycle/scrap all worn parts by default, please notify me when booking if you would like me to return yours with your bike.

(*Replacement parts may be required for this !!)

Individual Jobs

Safety check ** £15.00
Puncture repair - fit new tube and tyre with attempted patch of spare
Normal bike £7.50
Brompton, Electric or Geared Hub rear wheel £10.00
Cable fitting £5.00
Brake service (both / single) **Inspection, adjustment and fitting of any cables and pads where required £25 / £15
Hydraulic brake service (per brake) **Inspection, adjustment, bleeding and fitting of parts where required £20.00
Gears / Drivetrain
Cable fitting £5.00
Gear service (both / single) **Inspection, adjustment , indexing and fitting of any cables where required £25 / £15
Fit chain / cassette £5 / £15
Wheel True (per wheel, spoke tension only) ** £10.00
Wheel True (per wheel, spoke replacement) £20.00
Bottom bracket / Headset
Bottom bracket service / fit. Removal, inspection, adjustment **, re-fitting £20.00
Headset service / fit. Removal, inspection, adjustment **, re-greasing, re-fitting £25.00
Hub service (inc standard axle, cones + bearings)
Front (adjustment **) £20.00
Rear (adjustment **) £25.00
Other parts / accessories Fitting (per item) £15 / £10
Full mudguard set fitted £15.00
Drivetrain degrease and re-lube. £15.00
Frame and forks ** £15.00

An additional charge may be applied where parts are seized or bike is particularly dirty.

** indicates labour included in Standard Service

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Getting your bike serviced regularly is by far the most economical way of maintaining it. This gets easier the more I get to know your bike. I also offer a service reminder service.

And of course, It's always nice to get feedback on my work.

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