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Advance Booking Discount

Regular servicing is key.

We recommend regular servicing to keep your bike in great condition, not to mention safe every time you ride.

This can mean at least a standard service every 3-18 months depending on where, how much (and how!) you ride your bike – along with other factors such as the quality of components and even whether or not you have mudguards!

As a general rule – if you cycle your bike regularly we recommend leaving it no longer than 6 months before you next service – this way your mechanic can catch certain issues and replace worn parts before they cause dangerous issues that are expensive to resolve. (see our article on chain wear)

You’ll save money, be safer and smoother on the road.

This is NOT what you want to find when you service your bike. These headset bearings are way beyond the point of no return, completely rusty and deteriorating.

We’re here to make life easier!

We know most people are too busy to think about servicing their bikes all the time, which is why we do that for you. To help you achieve an “always perfect” bike we apply an automatic 10% discount on labour for your next service booked 6 months in advance and we’ll even remind you closer to the time to make final arrangements.

Check our labour prices for more info.

The advance booking discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Any questions please feel free to contact us!