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Below is a guide to our labour prices, they are subject to change, click the header for details. Please call if you have any queries.

Gear cable fitting (external routing) £15.00
Gear indexing (derailleur adjustment) £21.00
Brake pads fitted / caliper alignment (Mechanical) £15.00
Brake cable fitting each (external routing) £15.00
Brake cable fitting each (internal routing) £21.00
Grips fitted £9.00
Pedal fitting/removal (pair) £15.00
Wheel hub bearings adjusted (each) £9.00
Wheel truing per wheel no broken spokes/damaged rim £18.00
Tyres pumped (each) £6.00
Cassette fitting £15.00
Chain fitting £15.00
Bottom bracket adjusted £15.00
Tyres/tube fitted per wheel (standard) £15.00
Inner tube fitted/re-fitted per wheel (standard) £15.00
Headset adjusted/set £9.00
Wheel bearings adjusted (each) £9.00
Gear cable fitting (internal routing) £21.00
Plus ANY 2 of the following Includes ALL of the following
Gear derailleur/hanger replacement £21.00
Gear shifter fitted (external routing each) £21.00
Gear shifter fitted (road or internal routing each) £33.00
Drivetrain cleaned/re-lubed (on bike) £27.00
Bottom bracket removed/serviced/replaced £30.00
Crankset fitting £21.00
Tyres/tube fitted per wheel (Brompton/electric) £27.00
Tubeless tyres fitted/refitted per wheel £33.00
Tubeless tyre sealant top-up £15.00
Hydraulic brake caliper / piston service/replacement (includes brake bleed by default) £54.00
Hydraulic brake bleed (each) £33.00
Brake lever fitting (mechanical / external) £24.00
Brake lever fitting (hydraulic / internal) £42.00
Headset serviced/replaced £30.00
Bar tape wrap £18.00
Stem replacement (threadless headset) £15.00
Stem replacement (quill stem type) £19.80
Wheel hub bearings serviced / replaced (each) £21.00
Wheel fitting (rear) £27.00
Spoke replacement / wheel truing (special wheels) £27.00
Drivetrain cleaned/re-lubed (off bike) £27.00
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Other services
Standard service (Electric bike) £108.00
Advanced service (Electric bike) £155.00
Full service (Electric bike) £225.00
Standard service (Tricycle) £115.00
Kids bike standard service £60.00
Toddler bike service £54.00
Bike build £72.00
Wheel building (per wheel, parts not included) £60.00
Dropper seatpost service / adjustment £36.00
Suspension servicing (removal and re-fitting) £72.00
Full suspension frame bearing / pivot service £72.00
Fork steerer tube cut £36.00
Handlebar fitting (road) £42.00
Handlebar fitting (MTB/Hybrid) £24.00
Handle bars/seat post cut to size £18.00
Mudguard fitting £24.00
Saddle fitting £15.00
Bar tape wrap £18.00
Lock removal £36.00
Mechanic on-site pop-up workshop half day rate. £216.00
Mechanic On-site pop-up workshop day rate. £384.00
Tutorials / workshops call for availability / quotes