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Advanced service

Whether it’s a minor accident or general wear and tear, we’ll tailor the Advanced service to your needs

We always recommend a Regular service or Standard service to keep on top of small niggles before they develop into more expensive issues but it’s not always avoidable. Perhaps you’ve had a minor fall, hit some very bad weather or just want to keep on top of some of the deeper jobs like bearing servicing.

The Advanced service is suited to a slightly worn or damaged bike that in addition to a Standard service needs extra attention in specific areas. For example it may need drivetrain, wheel or shifter replacement. Or you may want to go the extra mile and protect your investment with preventative servicing of wheel, headset, or bottom bracket bearings for example.

The Advanced service is NOT suited to a bike that has been ridden “into the ground”, needs all bearings servicing or has been involved in a collision with a motor vehicle – please see our Full service or contact us for advice.


The Advanced service includes everything in the Standard service PLUS the following: (please note it may not be possible to carry out some of these procedures if there are other issues with the bike – you will be made aware of these in the Triage report)

  • Cassette fitting – Included by default, should yours be too worn for re-use
  • Frame and forks cleaned – We’ll clean off the muck and polish your bike so it’s gleaming!
  • Quick Drivetrain clean – “On-bike” degreasing and lubrication of your drivetrain. NB we do not remove the drivetrain for cleaning. (See the Full service)
  • Single tyre/tube replacement – in case you’ve got one puncture
  • All cables replaced – if necessary, or requested all gear / brake cables can be replaced

PLUS any TWO from the following list:

  • Headset serviced/replaced
  • Bottom bracket serviced/replaced
  • Crankset fitting
  • Wheel bearings serviced/replaced (single)
  • Wheel fitting (to include tyre, tube, rim tape, disc rotor, cassette fitting)
  • Drivetrain clean (off bike)
  • Gear shifter replaced
  • Brake lever replaced
  • Derailleur replaced
  • Brake caliper fitting
  • Tubeless tyre fitting / top-up
  • Hydraulic brake bleed
  • Tyre / tube fitting (additional)
  • Spoke replacement
  • Stem replacement
  • Bar tape wrap

Not included

For clarity, here is a list of things that are not included in our Advanced service:

  • Parts – the costs of any parts are not included. These will be quoted for in advance and charged separately.
  • Suspension fork, shock or dropper post servicing.
  • Frame bearing servicing or replacement.
  • Wheel building

Electric bikes

Due to the extra risk and associated insurance costs of taking in batteries and chargers, as well as the extra wear and tear on our equipment (and staff), we have separate packages for electric bikes please see our Electric bike servicing page before booking or contact us with any questions.