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To keep your bike in tip top condition, it's a good idea to have it serviced regularly - as often as every 4 months depending on how (much) you use it and where you store it. If you've ridden many miles between services be prepared for some parts to need replacing.

A Standard service will get your bike running as safely and smoothly as is possible without “major surgery”. (Please note parts are not included in the price)

My minimum callout charge is £35 (this includes labour up to the value of £35).

Gear cable fitting (external routing) £10.00
Gear indexing (derailleur adjustment) £12.50
Gear cable fitting (internal routing) £15.00
Tyres pumped £10.00
Brake pads fitted / caliper alignment (Mechanical) £10.00
Brake cable fitting each (external routing) £10.00
Brake cable fitting each (internal routing) £15.00
Grips fitted £5.00
Wheel truing per wheel £15.00
Cassette fitting £10.00
Chain Fitting £10.00
Bottom bracket adjusted. £10.00
Tyres/tube fitted per wheel (standard) £10.00
Headset adjusted/set £5.00
Wheel bearings adjusted (each) £5.00
Plus ANY 2 of the following Includes ALL of the following
Gear derailleur/hanger replacement £15.00
Gear shifter fitted (each) £15.00
Drivetrain cleaned/re-lubed (on bike) £20.00
Bottom bracket removed/serviced/replaced £20.00
Crankset fitting £25.00
Tyres/tube fitted per wheel (Brompton/electric) £20.00
Tyres/tube fitted per wheel (tubeless) £25.00
Hydraulic Brake Caliper / Piston Service/replacement (includes brake bleed by default) £40.00
Hydraulic brake bleed (each) £20.00
Brake lever fitting (mechanical / external) £15.00
Brake lever fitting (hydraulic / internal) £25.00
Headset serviced/replaced *NB Min spend is £35 £20.00
Bar tape wrap £10.00
Stem replacement (face-plate type) £10.00
Stem replacement (quill stem type) £20.00
Wheel hub bearings serviced / replaced £20.00
Spoke replacement / wheel truing (special wheels) £20.00
Drivetrain cleaned/re-lubed (off bike) £40.00
Wheel Building (Coming soon) £40.00
Suspension servicing (removal and re-fitting) £50.00
Full Suspension frame bearing / pivot service. £50.00
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Standard Service - £60

Some extra jobs may be necessary at extra cost (in brackets). Price does not include parts.

I check chain/cassette for wear using a Park Tool chain wear indicator and use this guide as a benchmark when advising replacement of chain and/or cassette. Please read my “Guide to regular servicing”

  • Check frame and forks for a potential immediate “write off” situation. i.e. bent or cracked (may require cleaning if you have not done this before I arrive)
  • Check for worn or broken parts – Wheel rims, wheel hubs, freehub, spokes, headset, bottom bracket, brake pads, tyres, pedals. Iwill advise replacement and cost of extra parts/labour where necessary
  • Check for normal alignment, basic operation of brake and gear cables and mechanisms.
  • (Fit)/Pump inner tubes to correct pressure (***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • True minor wobbles in wheels to allow for safe brake operation, clean rims.
  • Adjust if possible any play in hub bearings (replace if necessary)
  • Tighten axle nuts
  • (Lubricate/replace brake calipers if necessary. ***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • Fit/align pads
  • Set brake cable length
  • Balance brakes
  • Adjust lever position
  • (Fit chain and cassette if necessary. ***Included FOC with “Regular” service)
  • Replace gear cables if necessary (May require re-wrap bar tape)
  • Index Front and rear gears.
  • Adjust calibration screws for safe operation
Crankset/bottom bracket
  • Check crank bolts for correct torque
  • Check pedals for play/smooth spinning
  • Check bottom bracket for play and adjust where possible
  • Check chainrings for wear, shark-toothing / broken teeth
Headset / steering / saddle
  • Check headset for play, or sticking, adjust if possible
  • Check torque of stem and headset bolts
  • Adjust handlebar position/height.
  • Check saddle bolts for correct torque, lubricate and tighten seat-post.

Advanced Service - £95

Recommended for anyone who’s bike is showing obvious running problems / noises, or has not been serviced for 8 months or more.

The advanced service incorporates the standard service.

In addition all cable, brake pad, tyre, chain/cassette fitting and drivetrain clean and re-lube are included by default.

Plus any two single jobs from the following list:

  • Standard hub service (new axle cones and bearings included) sealed bearings extra.
  • Headset service (Bearings cleaned, re-greased, or replacement)
  • Bottom Bracket service (new bearings/grease or replacement)
  • Spoke replace and wheel true.

Price does not include cost of parts.

I recycle/scrap all worn parts by default, please notify me when booking if you would like me to return yours with your bike.

FULL Service - £145

ALL individual jobs are included, as is fitting of any and all extra parts or accessories required/requested, Eg pedals, mudguards, lights etc

The service will take up to 7 days. This is to allow for delivery of parts and potential complications.

Full service includes:

  • Pickup and check over.
  • A full strip down of the entire bike.
  • Frame, forks and all components deep cleaned, re-lubed.
  • All bearings serviced where possible or replaced.
  • All cables replaced where necessary.
  • Inner tube replaced (if punctured)
  • Bike re-built and setup to function as new*
  • Delivery to a location of your choosing.

Price does not include cost of parts except cables and innertubes.

I recycle/scrap all worn parts by default, please notify me when booking if you would like me to return yours with your bike.

(*Replacement parts may be required for this !!)

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Getting your bike serviced regularly is by far the most economical way of maintaining it. This gets easier the more I get to know your bike. I also offer a helpful reminder service. And of course, It's always nice to get feedback on my work.

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