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Interim Service

Your bike’s never had it so good…

We’ll come to your house and address minor issues before you’ve even noticed them – keeping your bike running perfectly all year round!

Bike being fixed in a customers garden

Easier for you…

We automatically offer this service to our existing “higher mileage” customers 3 months after any previous Interim, Standard, Advanced or Full service carried out by us.

We’ll turn up and carry out the service at your home leaving you without your bike for a grand total of about 30 minutes! If you’re interested in watching us work we’re happy to show you what we do so you can do these things yourself in future (remember – tippers make better mechanics!)

Do it properly…

If you rely on your bike to get around or ride more than about 15 miles a week, you’ll want to keep a regular eye on your maintenance between your 6 monthly Standard servicing schedule.

Ideally you’ll want to set aside some time every month to carry out tasks such as checking, cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain, pumping the tyres, aligning the brakes etc. Not only will this help you catch normal wear and tear items like worn brake pads before they cause expensive and unnecessary problems- like damaged wheels. It will also give you the joy and pleasure of riding your bike that you deserve!

Of course if you don’t have the means, inclination or time to do this yourself then look no further – then our special Interim service is designed just for you!


Our Interim service includes and is limited to the following tasks due to time and resources available for on-site work: (please note it may not be possible to carry out some of these procedures if there are other issues with the bike – please make us aware of any problems before we visit!)

Automatic booking – We’ll contact you by SMS message to see if you want this service. You can reply “YES” and we’ll move on to find a convenient date.
Visual safety inspection – frame, forks and all components (on-bike – no dismantling/cleaning).
Drivetrain checked – Chain checked for wear, cleaned and oiled. Chain fitted if necessary.
Gears re-indexed – Alignment of gear hanger, cables tensioned/fitted (where necessary) gears indexed.
Brake service – Fitting of brake pads and cables where necessary. Proper alignment of levers and callipers, re-tensioning of cables.
Wheel Truing – Spokes tensioned to align wheels (broken spoke /rim replacement is not included).
Tyres Inflated
Short test ride
Guarantee – If you encounter any issues (with the work you have paid for as per the above) and let us know immediately we will return to rectify the problem free of charge.
Verbal condition report – we’ll notify you of any areas of concern.

Not included:

For clarity, here is a list of things that are not included in our Interim service. We may be able to carry out certain other jobs if notified in advance.

Triage report or recording of issues in our system.
Parts – the costs of any parts are not included.
Tyres/tubes repaired or fitted.
Peripherals checked
Cassette fitting – regular chain replacement should avoid the need for this in most cases.
Suspension fork, shock or dropper post servicing.
Frame bearing servicing or replacement.
Drivetrain component replacement (eg bottom bracket, chainrings, crankset, freehub etc).
Spoke replacement or wheel building.
Wheel hub, bottom bracket or headset bearing adjustments or servicing.
Tubeless tyre fitting.
Shifter, lever or derailleur replacement, or associated bar tape wrapping / cable routing.
Bar tape wrapping
Accessory/mudguard fitting

For any questions about the Interim service please get in touch

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