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Service Your Summer Bike in Autumn

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Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Service Your Summer Bike

Don't make the mistake of putting your summer bike away in the shed and forgetting about it until the spring. Whether you took it away with you on your travels or braced the wet British summer, it served you well this year. Now is the time to return the favour! Having your bike fully serviced before you put it into hibernation will help make sure that it's ready to go when the warmer weather returns next year. So, you can pick up right where you left off.

Here are a few reasons why we think that Autumn is the perfect time to service your bike.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can wreak havoc on your bike if left unchecked over winter. Unnecessary damage can be prevented by applying a protective coating to vulnerable areas like the chain, bolts and other bare metal parts. This helps to prevent moisture build-up that can lead to rusting.

Don't wait until the spring to deal with rust - stop it in its tracks and your bike will thank you for it. Prevention is more cost-effective and easier to deal with than cure. Act early and service your bike now to avoid costly replacements and repairs down the line.

Keep Your Bike in Peak Condition

Taking a few simple steps before you store your bike could be the difference between a smooth start or a bumpy ride! If you want your bike to run like new next season, our pre-storage service could be the answer. Here are a few things we recommend:

  • Lubrication - Exposure to the elements can cause rust and corrosion, which in turn will damage sensitive areas. Lubricating and protecting components like chains, derailleurs, and shifters before storing will keep them in peak condition.
  • Tyre pressure - Inflating your tyres to their maximum PSI before storing can help to prevent flat spots from developing. This helps them hold their shape, preventing any unnecessary damage so you'll be ready to ride as soon as the good weather returns.
  • Full check - Giving your bike a once over helps you to spot any potential problems early and get them fixed, so you're not left with an unrideable bike when you take it out of storage. Things like frayed cables, loose fittings or worn brake pads are easier to replace during the off-season.
  • Cleaning - Basic maintenance like cleaning, lubricating and inflating before storing can significantly increase the lifespan of components like chains, cassettes and wheel bearings.
  • Replacements - Replacing damaged or corroded parts now, can prevent further damage down the line. The time spent servicing your bike now will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Avoid Costly Repairs Down the Road

Avoiding costly repairs down the road is reason enough to service your bike now. As your bike sits idle during the off-season, small issues can develop into major problems if left unchecked. Making minor tweaks and adjustments now, will save you from shelling out for replacements or overhauls when you take that first ride next spring.
Preventive maintenance, though often overlooked, is key to keeping your bike running smoothly for years to come. Servicing your bike in the autumn may require an initial time investment, but the long-term benefits, make it worth the effort.

A Happy Mechanic is a Happy Bike!!

Bike maintenance is a very seasonal business. Shops and workshops can't always afford to employ full time mechanics all year round just to cope with the numbers of bikes that come in during the spring/summer rush. Getting your bike service during the autumn or winter will mean...

  • Your bike's more likely to be serviced by the full time, trusted team than someone brought in just for the spring rush.
  • Your mechanic will have more time to dedicate to your repair and will be less distracted by other bikes and customers in a hurry.
  • Your bike shop owner will be very happy to have their income spread out over the year and may even offer discounts for advanced booking.
  • You'll have time to fully road test your bike before jumping on it in earnest next spring, just in case there are any niggles to iron out.

Peace of Mind

So, there you have it, four solid reasons why servicing your summer bike now will reward you when the warmer weather returns. Keeping your bike in top shape will lead to more quality time enjoying the thrill of the ride rather than dealing with costly repairs.
Knowing your bike is clean, lubricated and tuned up for hibernation will give you peace of mind all winter long. You'll be able to start planning next season's adventures with the confidence that your bike will be ready to ride at a moment's notice. Make servicing your summer bike a priority before storing it away, and you'll be rewarded with a smooth start to the cycling season next year.

Don't Wait 'til Spring!

Don't make the mistake of neglecting your faithful two-wheeled friend over winter. Give it the attention it deserves and come spring, you'll be primed and ready to hit the road without a hitch.