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🎄 Gifts Done Right - Leave Bike Assembly to The Elves This Christmas!

Father Christmas on a bike child on first bike child on first bike

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and what better way to spread some cheer than by surprising a loved one with a shiny two-wheeled gift! Whether it's a new road, gravel, or mountain bike, or that all-important “first bike” - unwrapping a bike for Christmas is a special experience that's rarely forgotten.

See pictures of our Christmas Elves (Dan & Jordan) on their first Bikes.

🎁 Make Sure Your Gift is Remembered for All the Right Reasons ⛄

If you're planning to buy a bike for someone this Christmas, remember that it will need assembling. This isn't as straightforward as you might imagine, for various reasons. Don't assume that all you'll need to do is “screw some pedals on.” We've seen even this simple task render a bike unrideable in a matter of minutes! Your warranty won't cover damage caused by improper assembly and your loved one deserves a bike that is safe and well-built!

Apart from being potentially dangerous, damaging a brand-new bike (especially if it's a gift for someone) can be very costly, not to mention ruin someone's Christmas! A professional mechanic will not only perform a bike assembly quicker and more effectively, they will also have the experience to look out for common “from factory” faults.

🎁 Common DIY Mistakes When Building a Bike: ⛄

  • Pedals: Fitting pedals correctly might seem like a simple job, but it's too easy to fit them the wrong way round (on the wrong side), or without the right tools or torque. Putting the wrong pedal on the wrong side can damage crank threads which could lead to an unwanted and expensive replacement crankset. Equally, if they're not tightened properly they can eventually work their way out, causing the same problem.

  • Forks and Handlebars: Fitting forks or handlebars backward is another easy mistake, especially on kids' bikes. But it can make riding the bike very dangerous and potentially cause damage to critical components like the brakes and cables.

  • Wheels: There are various ways of attaching wheels to bikes. But without the correct tools, knowhow, or “touch” it's easy to overtighten, misalign or wrongly attach your wheels. This mistake can compromise the bike's safety and performance.

  • Gears: Assuming that the gears and brakes will work “out of the box” often leads to disappointment! We can't remember a single bike we've built that didn't require at least some minor adjustments to the brake and/or gear setup out of the box. Remember: most bikes are made in a factory, and they are not always willing to spend the extra man-hours/pay on setting it up as well as your local shop can. Sadly, the less money you spend on the bike, the more time/effort (or money) you may have to spend getting it set up to be even possible, let alone safe to ride!

  • Stem and Headset: If you don't know what these are or how to set them properly then do not attempt to assemble your own bike! The steering mechanism on a bike requires proper adjustment and tightening. Over tightening can cause steering locking and under-tightening can cause frame and fork damage in addition to the handlebars slipping under load.

🎁 Why Professional Bike Assembly Matters ⛄

Booking a professional to assemble a bike isn't just about saving time, it will safeguard your investment. Having a professional bike mechanic help with the assembly ensures that your bike is put together with precision and reduces the risk of potential safety hazards - it also protects your warranty.

Give the gift of stress-free rides and guarantee a worry-free Christmas surprise! We're currently taking bookings for assembly. Make sure that your bike is ready for Christmas by booking in early.

Book here to schedule a professional assembly and make this Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons.